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Teaching people worldwide to better feed themselves while building and preserving the soil and conserving resources.

Is it possible for every person on the planet to live well while passing on the same opportunity to the next generation?

In 1972, the founders of Ecology Action set out to answer this question by addressing the root of both human health and true sustainability: the soil and how we grow our food.


Placing their emphasis on growing living soil over simply growing food and using only simple, manual techniques, Ecology Action’s founders transformed their first plot of inhospitable (C-horizon) ground in downtown Palo Alto, California, into a thriving calorie-centered research farm—growing life-infused soil while also growing the complete annual diets for two people, organically, on less land than was thought possible. Eleven years and tons of garden-grown soil later, the process was repeated on a rocky hillside in Willits, California, that would become Ecology Action’s world headquarters.



Since 1972, from what is now one of the oldest long-term sustainable agriculture projects in the world, Ecology Action has been helping millions of people worldwide empower themselves to better health and the regeneration of the soil that feeds us through teaching and demonstrating a system of eight simple food-growing practices—the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method—capable of increasing yields up to 2-6 times, organically, while building and maintaining fully sustainable soil fertility on a closed-loop basis and using dramatically fewer resources —only 33-12% of the water, 6% of the energy, 50-0% of the fertilizer, and 50% of the land—than conventional practices. 

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