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Water II

Research by academic institutions has shown that soils that have organic matter as 2% of their volume in the upper 11 inches can reduce the water needed to grow food crops by 75% over poor soils (those having approximately 0.5% organic matter in the top 11 inches).1,3

Soil that is shaded by appropriately spaced plants can reduce evaporation up to 63%, even under arid conditions, depending on soil type.3

Plants transpire water, meaning they take in water through their roots and release water through their leaves. Transpiration can be reduced by as much as 75% in soils that have sufficient and well-balanced nutrients in the soil water.2,3

The GROW BIOINTENSIVE method uses soil flats for raising seedlings, saving up to 10,000-28,000 gallons per 100 square feet versus raising seedlings in a growing bed.3


1) Worldwide, the average soil organic matter level is 1.2% (2014 figure).  GROW BIOINTENSIVE encourages maintaining more than 2% soil organic matter.

2) The GROW BIOINTENSIVE method prepares the soil so it provides for a high level of fertility.

3) How to Grow More Vegetables, John Jeavons, 2012, Ecology Action. 

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